Get Down with Royaltybyroots!

Get Down with Royaltybyroots!

This week we are highlighting Royaltybyroots as Black Business of the Week!

Royaltybyroots is an upcoming and thriving business that is booming by providing consumers with the best holistic products! Jessica Miller, owner of Royaltybyoots, prides herself on providing a healthier lifestyle and awareness to those who are around her.

Jessica Miller is a 22 year old Dumas-native who is currently attending Natural Choices Botanica School of Herbalism and Holistic Health in Clarksville, Tennessee. Once she has complete the program, she will be a certified Holistic practitioner. Ms. Miller caters a product line to all natural skin, hair, body and oral care to aid with any skin & body issues or irritations. Her purpose is to advocate a healthy lifestyle, open the mind, and uplift the community. All of Royaltybyroots products are handcrafted and made with 100% natural ingredients for your desired needs. Ms. Miller’s goals as a professional is to help her community be more health conscious about what we are putting into our bodies and/or consuming. Ms. Miller reports, “as a community, we lack important key factors on maintaining a holistic lifestyle.” Her mission is to guide the community to the natural form of healing and provide resources in balancing mental and physical health.

Ms. Miller took a leap of faith on May 7th, 2017 in starting her business. Ms. Miller states, “I was at a point where I was trying to find my true self, dealing with anxiety/depression after spending majority of my life living for others.”

Please take a closer look as she provides her testimony, health tips, and advice on stepping out on faith!

Dealing with personal issues affected my self-esteem and caused me to believe a misconception that I was only beautiful with makeup, hair extensions, and exposure clothing. At this point, I knew I needed to change for the better, and surround myself with true happiness. Growing up, dealing with insecurities from having on-going acne and getting little to no results using common commercial products led me to create Royaltybyroots. I did not know that my DIY intentions would turn to a dream come true.

As a natural health & beauty specialist, it’s very common to hear , “Will your product work for my skin, how fast are the results, do you have soap for my skin condition?” However, what really matters is your diet. What you ingest in your body is very important because that determines your health. “You are what you eat.” It’s just not my product alone that guarantee results, it’s teamwork! 

I recommend everyone to start a business! Having a business, is not easy, but the results are bittersweet. Having my own business has definitely been a confidence booster. I suggest being mentally ready to start your business. Your business is like a baby. You have to sacrifice, nurture, and provide. So before taking that step, just make sure you are ready to commit no matter what. Secondly, invest in needed materials and training to promote growing a successful business. If you literally want to be the best and have unlimited success, participating in workshops or training will enhance your creativity. Lastly, networking is extremely important. Networking is something that I honestly underestimated. I can say without networking I wouldn’t be in the position that I’m in today. Networking has opened so many opportunities for me and I’m beyond grateful.

“Reclaim. Believe. Rise.”

To hear more from Ms. Miller please check out her social media links below:

Website/ Health & Wellness Blog:

Facebook Business page:@royaltybyroots
Instagram: @royaltybyroots
Twitter: @royaltybyroots1


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